Myka Orange

Fic - Warehouse 13 - Star Wars AU

Title: The Force of Fate

Author: amtrak12

Characters: Myka Bering with appearances by Artie, Pete, Mrs. Frederic, and Yoda (I know, right?)

Word Count: ~860

Summary: Myka gets a new assignment.

Author's Notes: Inspired by this gorgeous piece by webgeekist (and also her first drawing of just Myka) and probably inspired by the Pilot rewatch this week that made me relive all my Pilot!Myka feels. IDK. I just really needed this AU to exist. It was a fun piece to write, and it gave my brain a break from my monster "resurrected Christina" AU. The only editing was done by my bestie, Webuiltthepyramids, because she's a Star Wars expert and my last minute refresher course only consisted of reading the first few chapters of Jedi Apprentice Book 1 last night. She did a great job checking my facts and wording. *hugs*

Note 2: For the purposes of this AU, Sam was only Myka's teacher. Zero romance between them because that would've been uber-awkward in this setting.

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HG White

Fic - Warehouse 13 - S4 AU Series

Title: Devotion - A Prelude

Author: amtrak12

Rating: PG-ish (will go up later)

Word Count: 1081

Summary of Series: A S4 AU that ignores everything related to the astrolabe. Bering and Wells at the center with a strong group twist.

Author's Note: This installment is simply a prelude to a much larger relationship fic. I should probably hold on to it until I've completed the entire draft, but if I look at this prelude one more time, I'll stab my eyes out. Consider it a teaser which I'll relink when the full fic is completed.

Plot and setting should be made clear in the story, with lingering questions resolved in future updates. But one thing I will clear up beforehand: Claudia resurrected Steve using the metronome as seen in the show. Timeline-wise in this story, that coincides with HG's return.

Previously on Warehouse 13: Sykes blew up the warehouse, the pocketwatch restored the building and its caretaker, and the astrolabe was never touched and possibly never existed.

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Britta Confused

Untitled Warehouse 13 AU Fanfic: ~1400 words

Summary: Haha! Ha! Yeah like I even know.

A/N: LONG story but basically, I concluded that I would be totally okay if Pete and Myka had a kid. Not hook up and have a kid, but just have a kid. Then Nicole and I accidentally brainstormed the entire scenario. And then I took the kid and ran until I had a full-fledged OC. And then I accidentally one-shoted a piece when the kid was 15 years old without ever writing anything else with this premise. IDEK.

But basically, something happened and HG never came back after A New Hope. At some point down the line, Pete and Myka decided to have a kid for real, thus Charlotte is born.

Yeah that's all the premise you're getting because for some reason trying to explain this is stressing me out. Just treat this as a test fic or ignore it completely.

Summary 2: Charlotte Lattimer, age 15, gets affected by an artifact during a school trip.

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HG White

Fic - Warehouse 13 - To Pull You Up and Keep You 'Round (PG)

Title: To Pull You Up and Keep You 'Round
Fandom: Warehouse 13
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1507
Characters/Pairing: Myka Bering, Steve Jinks; mentions of Bering & Wells
Spoilers/Warnings: Through 4.04
Author's Note: Basically I became obsessed with this new relationship, and am sad we never had it explored before. (I'm also feeling incredibly guilty for ever wanting Steve to stay dead.)

Summary: Steve had forgotten he had other team members he could look to for help. Other team members who may also need his help.

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Ficlet - Warehouse 13 - Partners (PG)

Title: Partners
Fandom: Warehouse 13
Rating: PG
Word Count: 815
Characters/Pairing: Myka Bering; Myka/Sam, Myka/Pete (bros but you can read it romantic if you're so inclined)
Spoilers/Warnings: None unless you haven't seen 13.1 (2.05) or Past Imperfect (3.07). Or the Pilot, but seriously why are you reading fic if you haven't seen the Pilot? o_O
Author's Note: I found this old piece in my Google Docs (circa January) a few days ago. I liked it so I added an ending and cleaned it up. Many thanks to robothor1111 for reading this and then promptly threatening me if I didn't post it ASAP. I LOVE YOU, JELLYBEAN! <3 I'm actually not as sold on this edit anymore, but I'm tired of fixing things and want to publish something.

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HG White

Find It - A Pete and Myka Drabble (Warehouse 13)

Title: Find It
Author: amtrak12
Fandom: Warehouse 13
Rating: G/PG
Word Count: 100
Spoilers: None
Author's Note: This just popped into my head earlier somewhere between checking Tumblr and trying to write another fic. Just trying to convey part of my view on the Pete/Myka relationship.


Sometimes when they're alone just talking, laughing, teasing, Myka thinks this could be it. This could be all they ever need. Bering and Lattimer taking on the world. The unstoppable duo.

Then there are other, more solemn moments when everything’s gone right but she still sits in the B&B study thinking something is missing. She stumbles over her words, but it doesn’t stop Pete from understanding her meaning.

"We'll find it. Someday we'll find it."

And she believes him. Because he’s Pete and he gets it and there’s no one she trusts more.

They'll find their missing pieces someday.
Anne&#39;s Boobs

TV Lessons from 2011

What? Just because I graduated last year and no longer have to deal with hell finals week means I shouldn't be procrastinating and doing random online crap in December? HA! Think again, my friend.

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HG White

BBBB 2011 - Art for enna_xor: Undone

Artists Note: I signed up to do art for two stories this year at the Big Bang Big Bang challenge. This is the art for the second fic, "Undone" by enna_xor. The summary was sooooo intriguing and the full story did not disappoint. :D I was really excited to get to play around with this concept. I wanted to do a fan vid for this piece. I even found suitable music which was a huge accomplishment! Unfortunately my new coaching gig at the high school has got me swamped so I was only able to do some banners. :( I think they came out pretty good, though. :) Hope so anyway lol

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HG White

BBBB 2011 - Art for robothor1111: The Story of Penny

Artist's Note: I'm still bummed I was never able to find music to use because I had all the footage to do a decent trailer/blurb vid for this fic. :( But instead I made a story header, icon, and chapter banners for this fic. I chose robothor1111's The Story of Penny because I love her writing, I was thrilled with the idea of exploring Penny's backstory, and I had already tracked down a bunch of footage of Kaley Cuoco when she was little. :) Which I ultimately didn't get to use. :( But the images in the story header are screencaps taken from a Northern Exposure episode Kaley was in when she was about 8 or 9 years old.

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